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Open access compliance

All journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN must be compliant with the EHU and HEFCE policies on open access (OA).

Please complete this form if:

  • you have an output that is subject to the OA policy; and
  • it is not compliant; but
  • you believe there are exceptions to the policy that would make the output eligible.

Please discuss this with your departmental research lead before submitting the form.

Is OA just for the REF?

The EHU Policy on Open Access is not specific to the REF - all outputs should be published as open access wherever possible - but we expect that exceptions will usually be requested for incompliant articles that staff may wish to be considered for the REF.

How many exceptions can I request?

Excessive use of exceptions in the REF submission will lead to increased audit attention and may lead to outputs above a threshold (yet to be confirmed) being categorised as ineligible by REF panels. This would occur after the University's REF submission has been made, so we will not be able to offer alternative compliant outputs as replacements.

Does my output need an exception?

If either of the following applies, your output does not fall within the scope of the OA policy, so there is no need to request an exception and you do not need to proceed with this survey:

  1. Output is not a journal article (with ISSN) and not a conference proceedings article (with ISSN).
  2. Output was accepted for publication before 01 April 2016.

My output does need an exception...

Please continue with this survey so we can capture some information for the REF submission.

REF panels will conduct an audit after the submission. It will be based on a combination of random and targeted selection of outputs, so we need to be able to explain why a submitted output that falls within the scope of the policy does not meet the policy requirements.

If the REF panel is not satisfied with the response, the output will be deemed ineligible for the REF and given a zero score.

Any questions?

You may find answers on:

If not, please do not hesitate to contact should you have any questions about exceptions to the OA policy.