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Information Sheet


Online Gaming: Gender and Personality in Online Gaming

The aim of this project is to explore the relationship between player’s characteristics and the choices they make in online gaming. It is intended that these findings will help understanding people’s online gaming habits and behaviours. You can take part in this research by completing an online questionnaire, expected to take approximately 10-15 minutes.  


This research is conducted as a part of Dissertation module. If you are happy for your data to be included into the study, please read and complete the consent form. Your data will remain anonymous; you will not be asked to give your name or any other identifiable information. You will however, be asked to provide a memorable password so that your data can be accessed easily and withdrawn if requested. If you are uncomfortable taking part in this research you may close the internet browser page at any time from starting the study. You may also withdraw your data up to 14 days after submitting the information with no penalty or questions asked. Your data will be confidential and kept within a password protected computer and will not be viewed by anyone else but the researcher in charge of the study. 


Names of Investigator: Natasha Stubbs-Ennis (


Your answer should be no more than 25 characters long.

2.2. Please tick all boxes provided to continue with the questionnaire. Ticking these boxes means you agree to the data protection act.   Data Protection Act: I understand that data collected about me during my participation in this study will be stored on a computer and any files containing information about me will be made anonymous. I agree to Edge Hill University recording and processing this information about my experiences and that this information may be presented in academic forums (e.g., academic journals, at conferences, or in teaching). I understand that information will be used only for these purposes and my consent is conditional upon the University complying with its duties and obligations under the Data Protection Act. Required

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