The purpose of this research is to undertake the first nation-wide study of mental health in the sport and physical activity workforce (i.e. grassroots/community sport, high-performance sport, activity/lifestyle/recreation and education) in the United Kingdom. The study is intended for anyone aged 16 and above and is concerned with identifying the ways in which the mental health of those who work in sport and physical activity can be best supported and promoted.


By ‘work’, we mean that you are currently employed (or contracted) in a paid position, or undertake work as a volunteer/on a voluntary basis, for any organisation in the sport and physical activity sector. These organisations include:


·         Charities and voluntary groups

·         Coaching providers

·         Community interest companies

·         Education (e.g. schools, colleges, universities)

·         Exercise, physical activity and leisure providers

·         Government funded departments

·         National governing body

·         Non-departmental public body

·         Outdoor education and activity providers

·         Professional bodies/organisations

·         Professional player associations

·         Professional teams or squads

·         Sports clubs

·         Sport-for-development/social change organisations


Before deciding whether to complete the survey, please read further information about the project at:



If you decide to complete the survey, we would like to thank you in advance for your valuable responses and for contributing to the future promotion of mental health in the sport and physical activity workplace.


Professor Andy Smith (Edge Hill University)



Ian Braid (Managing Director, DOCIAsport)